Throes of Lament

by Facefuck

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released September 12, 2015


Ewza Lambert - Guitars, vocals
Chris Wozniczka - Drum Programming

Solo in 'Boundaries of Flesh' by Daniel John (Fetus Fertilizer)
Vocals in 'The Summoning' by Jason Lambert (Putrified J)
Vocals in 'Hellbound' by Roger Beaujard (Mortician)

Recorded. mixed and mastered by Sambo Marwick at Slam Machine Studio, 2015.

Album artwork by Andrey Kroms (Kroms Art)

Logo and layout by Vad (Ungodly Ruins Productions, Ungodly Graphics).

Ewza uses- BC Rich Guitars, Randall Amplifiers, Ernie Ball Guitar Strings.
Chris uses- Skynet

Facefuck would like to thank everyone involved in this recording and YOU for supporting the (Down)underground!!



all rights reserved


Facefuck Perth, Australia

Slamming 2 piece death/grind from Perth, Western Australia.

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Track Name: Ritual of Desire
Ritual of Desire

Fake embrace, loveless communion.
Bloodline betrayal, emotionless intrusion.
Casual encounters, discreet affairs.
Sexual domination, erotic lament.

Souls intertwining, physical clutch.
Whispered incantations, forbidden touch.

Sweating in the shadows, exploring carnal knowledge.
Rituals of desire, divulge unnatural pleasures.
Track Name: Bloody Resurrection
Bloody Resurrection

A drop of blood, from the ungraceful innocent.
Breathing life into unknown veins.
A figure forms, grotesque and incomplete.
The abomination still needs to feed.

Come to daddy, this love was real.
Would you do one more thing for me?
I need you to kill, I need to feed, my urges are beyond bloodthirsty...
Track Name: Seduced and Reduced
Seduced and Reduced

Midnight seclusion, adult locale
Easy prey, desperate tail.
Lonely specimen, effortless hunt.
Succumbed to lust, fell for cunt.

Paralyzed in movement, gazing upon death.
Beaten down unconscious, violent asphyxiation.
Struggling to move, respiratory failure.
Inducing human essence, mortality almost regained.
Track Name: Boundaries of Flesh
Boundaries of Flesh

Ive broken boundaries, exceeded mortal coil.
Ive seen the deities, that dwell beneath the soil.
Ive seen the dark, the black abyss.
Ive seen what lies beyond the shackles of our flesh.

I solved the puzzle, I opened gateways.
Ive seen the gods that harness the darkness.
I roamed the labyrinth, surrendered my soul.
I tasted bitter pleasure as i crawled.
Track Name: The Summoning
The Summoning

A key to a world of suffering, or a domain of lust.
Once you open it your soul is beyond fucked.
Angels or demons, it makes no difference.
They'll tear your soul apart.. rip you flesh from flesh.

Immortal pain, embrace eternal torture. An endless cycle of misery.
Demon sadists, impure angel perverts. Hell awaits your summoning.

Spend your soul on desire, indulge on the forbidden fruits.

Shaping nightmares from your deepest fantasies.
Recalling and amplifying dark forbidden memories.
Labyrinth of endurance, pathways of decay.
Lost in the further regions, the explorers will awake.

A key to a world of suffering, or a domain of lust.
Once you open it your soul is beyond fucked.
Track Name: A Soul for Redemption
A Soul for Redemption

Undeserved torture, this blood reeks of betrayal.
Bargain for the slaughter, trade a soul thats stale.

Long decayed of innocence, spent of remorse.
Life stained in blood, his time has run its course.
Track Name: Preyed and Flayed
Preyed and Flayed

We seek the man of guilty pleasure, riddled with carnal sin.
His flesh belongs to us, disciples of leviathan.

Lost of his mortal coil, bound to pleasures extreme.
We were summoned by his arrogance and curiosity.

His flesh on a platter, his blood for our thirst.
We'll take his soul to hell, far beyond this earth.
Track Name: Hellbound

Shattered limbs and ruptured organs,
hasten the absence from mortal life.
Empty vessel, exchanged life for death,
maggots will feed on chunks of flesh.

Down the corridors of suffering,
through the chasm of misery.
Remaining flesh will bond with the melting tapestry,
adorning the halls of the underworld.

On human bones the engineers will feast,
ripped apart piece by piece.
Blood will flow in the rivers of Styx,
bathing the shores of impurity.
Ritual fulfilled, cenobites are pleased.
Gateways diminish, lament is half complete.

Systematic punishment for the eternal prisoners.
Pain for pleasure, pleasure for pain.
Unimaginable torment in lust and sadism.
Track Name: Malpractice

Psychotic visions, unstable and traumatic.
Institutionalized to look inside the brain.

Controlled by lust, broken by fear.
Surrendered to be re-engineered.

Forbidden configuration. Stripping one of sanity.
Overindulged, and driven beyond insane.
Track Name: Forever Consumed
Forever Consumed

Experimentations, excessive lacerations.
Researching into hells transformations.

Infiltrated, thoughts contorted.
Manipulated for flesh distortion.

Succumbed to the wills of hell, replacing the demons before him.
Unleashing horrors upon the abused, disfiguring and dislimbing.